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Dental Fillings in Kamloops

Cavities are not only uncomfortable but are also extremely detrimental to your oral hygiene. It is important to fix the problem of cavities, promptly without any delays. At Aberdeen Dental Arts, we can fix all kinds of dental cavities and help you smile confidently and freely. We can provide fillings for cavities and crevices in your teeth. We use a composite material for fillings that will match the colour of your teeth.  Our dentists can advise you on suitable treatments for you by starting with a comprehensive assessment of the cavities, cracks or crevices in your teeth. Schedule an appointment to get your teeth filled today.


Prevent Your Cavity from Worsening

A dental filling procedure can help restore cavities in the root or surface of your tooth. Depending upon the nature and extent of the cavity, we can provide you with suitable dental fillings in Kamloops to restore your smile. After taking into account factors such as the health and condition of your teeth, gums, and your oral bone structure, we can help you decide the most suitable treatment for you.

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Providing Efficient Restorative Dental Fillings in Kamloops

We can provide you with expert dental treatments in Kamloops to help your dental health.

Tooth-Coloured Composite Fillings

The unique selling point of composite fillings is that they do not look different than the original teeth. They completely match the colour of your teeth. They are placed in the existing teeth with the help of a chemical bond.  This lends greater support to the tooth.

Ceramic or Gold Inlay/Onlay Restorations

This type of filling is generally more expensive than a composite filling and requires two separate appointments. The tooth is prepared, an impression taken and then a dental lab will fabricate the restoration.  The dentist will then cement the restoration into the prepared tooth.


At Aberdeen Dental Arts, we can provide you with guided advice on which fillings to get, based on your requirements and dental health. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our expert dentists, not just for teeth fillings but a range of other dental services.

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