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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Kamloops

Are you suffering from the eruption of wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, erupt between 18-25 years of age, while some people may not even have wisdom teeth. Generally, one, two, or a maximum of four wisdom teeth can occur at the back of your mouth.


When the wisdom teeth have not erupted completely, it can lead to several dental issues like infection, severe pain, swollen mouth, or inflamed gums. Lack of ample space in the mouth can result in the shifting of adjacent teeth or the growth of wisdom teeth at an odd angle.

Aberdeen Dental Arts offers reliable wisdom teeth removal services in Kamloops. Get a one-stop solution for all your dental-related issues. Our dedicated team of dental health professionals has many years of experience and provides a relevant dental solution to protect you and your family against oral issues. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products and services.

Why Is It Important to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth may not be troubling you currently. However, in future, they may give rise to dental complications if not extracted. It is highly recommended to take your dentist’s advice on whether you should remove wisdom teeth or not. Listed below are reasons why it is important to get rid of wisdom teeth early:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
    When wisdom teeth are partially grown, they are called impacted wisdom teeth. The partially erupted wisdom teeth breed bacteria that can result in infection and inflammation of the gums. To avoid this, extract wisdom teeth.

  • Prevent cavities
    Since wisdom teeth are formed at the back of the mouth, it is hard to clean them thoroughly. Lack of proper cleaning can lead to cavities spreading to adjacent teeth.

  • Sinus problems
    The growth of wisdom teeth can give rise to severe problems in the sinus. It is better to extract the wisdom teeth early to avoid affecting the sinus cavities.

  • Prevent overcrowding
    The growth of new wisdom teeth can overcrowd your mouth and result in partially erupted wisdom teeth or misalignment of adjacent teeth. To prevent overcrowding, the extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary.

At Aberdeen Dental Arts, our trained professionals fix all dental problems, including wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops. Read our blogs to boost your oral health today!

6 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Are Growing In

Wisdom teeth grow during the early 20s. When they start erupting, they show some symptoms. Below, we have mentioned a few of the significant signs that you may experience:

  • Sharp pain around adjacent teeth

  • You may suffer from bleeding or swollen gums

  • You might feel intense pain in some areas of the head and ears

  • Due to the rupture of wisdom teeth, you might face difficulty in eating and chewing

  • Pain due to wisdom teeth may result in facial swelling

  • You may also see a small part of your wisdom teeth at the back of your mouth

Get relief from severe pain with our wisdom teeth removal services in Kamloops. The mission of our experienced dentists is to give you and your family reliable dental care for a healthy smile and teeth. Contact us today for utmost oral care.


Dental procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction can often seem daunting. The fear can prevent you from getting the dental care that you need to maintain your oral health. Learning about what actually goes on during a wisdom teeth removal can alleviate your anxiety. The following are the steps involved in the procedure:

Anesthesia: We will administer local anesthesia near the site of extraction to prevent any pain during the extraction. You will be awake during the procedure, but not feel any pain. Our dentist will discuss possible anesthesia options for you during the initial consultation. This can include general or sedation anesthesia as well.


Procedure: The process of removal involves the following steps:

  • Making an incision in the gums to reveal the tooth and bone

  • Removal of the bone that is obstructing access to the tooth root

  • Dividing tooth into pieces, if required

  • Cleaning the site of extraction and removing any debris

  • Adding stitches to the site to encourage healing, if required

  • Applying a gauze over the site to minimize bleeding and urging clot formation


After the procedure: After the procedure is over, we will advise you on pain management, swelling, and bruising. We advise resting during the remainder of the day and eating only soft foods during the first 24 hours.

Would you like to know more about our wisdom teeth removal in Kamloops? Please reach out to our team. We also provide root canal treatments.

Wisdom Teeth Removal After-care Tips

Once wisdom teeth are extracted, healthy recovery can take 2-3 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to follow some tips for fast recovery:

  • Apply Ice to your cheeks to numb the pain

  • Strictly avoid alcohol and smoking for 24 hrs after tooth extraction

  • Rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash to prevent infection

  • Avoid intense exercises and take a good amount of rest for quick recovery

  • Eat liquid or soft food to avoid pain

Aberdeen Dental Arts offers a broad range of dental solutions for fixing teeth so you can smile with confidence. Contact us today to cure all your oral issues.

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Have Sore Wisdom Teeth?

Aberdeen Dental Arts provides reliable wisdom teeth removal services in Kamloops.

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