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5 Key Tips for Choosing a Family Dentist

A child sitting in a dental chair

Oral health habits begin early. Your child should see a dentist by their first birthday or within six months of the first tooth emerging, according to the Canadian Dental Association. For most parents, their child's first exam will be with a family dentist who specializes in working with children, teens, and parents. Choosing a family dentist takes careful consideration of several factors. If you are looking for tips on how to choose a family dentist, Aberdeen Dental Arts has you covered! Here are five important tips to consider when you search for a family dentist.

1. Look for Flexible Hours Scheduling family visits to your dentist shouldn't be stressful. Choose a family dentist who offers flexible hours and at least five days to choose from. A quality family dental clinic will allow you to book a longer appointment so all of your children can have their check-ups or cavity treatments at once. 2. Check Their Credentials One of the first things you should do as you begin your search is to read the professional credentials of the family dentist. Dentists must graduate from dental school after college. Any training beyond that should be taken as a good sign. A commitment to continuing education can let you know that your family dentist keeps up with the latest in dental treatments and technology. 3. Check Patient Reviews Does your family dentistry clinic provide online reviews? Feedback from current patients offers an insightful and unbiased description of the quality of a family dentist. Canadian Dental,, and Facebook pages are great resources for looking up and comparing dentist reviews. 4. Look for Comprehensive Services Beyond providing check-up and dental cleaning services, you'll want a family dentist who offers a wide range of family dentistry services. At Aberdeen Dental Arts, we offer dental fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and even Invisalign treatments. If it's a commonly performed dental treatment, we probably provide it. Offering a wide range of services allows our team to handle all of your family's needs in-house. 5. Find a Location Near You No matter which family dentistry office you choose, you'll likely make multiple trips to their office every year. Some families may need several trips to treat some dental issues. Look for a family dentist whose office is close to your home or your child's school. Those little details can save you from spending more time than you need to when shuttling your kids to and from dental visits. Learn More About How to Choose a Family Dentist A quality family dentist can handle nearly all of your family's dental needs for many years to come. Following the tips in this article can help you make the best choice. At Aberdeen Dental Arts, we are dedicated to helping our patients maintain healthy teeth and gums. We offer a wide range of dental care services and treatments for you and your family. Book an appointment with our family dentist in Kamloops today.



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