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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Not only can a missing tooth affect your bite, speech and eating habits, but it can also affect your confidence and well-being. Good oral hygiene begins with you and your decision to take care of your teeth. With today’s technology and dental procedures, dentistry has transformed into an art form. From implants and veneers to crowns and bridges, there are a number of options to explore when it comes to tooth replacement or repair. Contact Us Schedule your dental appointment today Get Directions

Get Your Smile Back with Dental Implants in Kamloops, BC

A dental implant involves having a small, titanium screw placed in the bone of where your tooth is missing. It serves as the replacement for the root portion and provides a base for your new tooth. Though it may sound painful, the procedure does include anaesthesia and sedation to limit patient discomfort. It’s important to note that a dental implant is exactly like a new tooth, which means it requires regular brushing, flossing and cleaning check-ups. Consider the following advantages of tooth replacement if you are looking to have some dental work completed, but are not sure which route to take:

  1. An implant can prevent deterioration of your jawbone caused by missing teeth, allowing your face to hold its natural shape.

  2. It eliminates the need to alter adjoining teeth for other restorative work.

  3. Forget about tooth movement or gum irritation and pain from exposed nerves.

  4. Never cover your smile again! Laugh, smile and speak with confidence.

  5. Enjoy your favourite foods with zero pain.

  6. Enhance your overall oral health.

Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

If you have spaces between your teeth, a broken or chipped tooth, permanently stained or washed-out fillings, or crooked teeth, dental veneers in Kamloops, BC are a good aesthetic alternative. Once fitted to accommodate the size and colour of your existing tooth, the veneer is cemented on and polished to resemble a natural looking tooth. Veneers resist stains and can last more than 10 years. Other advantages include:

  • A quick procedure that only requires two dental visits

  • Following the procedure, patients can go about their daily activities without having to worry about recovery time

  • Veneers are easy to maintain and require normal dental hygiene including brushing and flossing

  • Can adequately hide imperfections while protecting and strengthening damaged teeth

Contact Aberdeen Dental Arts today at 250-828-0322 or contact us online and we will help answer any questions you may have on dental implants or other restorative procedures.


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