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Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups

Even though most of us believe that our teeth are healthy, it’s a must to visit your dentist on a regular basis. This is primarily because the prevention of oral diseases is the best possible care you can give to your teeth. You can always count on our highly experienced team at Aberdeen Dental Arts to provide you with dental care services in Kamloops. We provide a range of dental services in Kamloops, from teeth whitening to post-operative care. Our services are provided in a comfortable and modern setting by experienced and trained dentists using the most up-to-date technology.

Let’s look into a few of the important reasons why you should consult your dentist regularly: · Oral Cancer Detection Oral cancer is a serious disease that gets manifested in various ways. Oral cancer is often not diagnosed as it’s difficult to know the early signs. It can progress very fast and become life-threatening. Our dentists are highly skilled and can identify these signs. With regular dental check-ups, the likelihood of recognizing oral cancer is very high. Identifying oral cancer in its early stages is key in treating it successfully. · Treating Cavities, Tartar and Plaque Even if you are diligently brushing and flossing, there will still be areas in the mouth that will be missed. When plaque builds up, it solidifies and turns to calculus, which is very difficult to remove. There are rarely any warning signs for cavities as they form but as the decay progresses the tooth may begin to ache. You will have to go to the dentist to treat cavities and other tooth problems. All this can be minimized with regular examinations by the dentist. · Preventing Gum Disease Calculus and plaque buildup not only cause tooth decay but also inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis may progress to periodontitis, which breaks down the bone that holds the teeth in place. Consulting a specialist is not only time consuming as it requires more appointments, but it is also very costly. Based on the severity of the problem, the treatment can include high-dose medication, surgery and extremely deep cleaning. You can avoid all this by regularly visiting your dentist for dental cleanings. · Finding Problems Under the Surface With X-Rays X-ray images enable dental professionals to understand what’s happening under the surfaces of your tissues and allow for diagnosing issues that are invisible to the naked eye. Problems include impacted teeth (which are teeth that are blocked from breaking through the gum), bone loss, decay under existing restorations, and tumours or cysts, all of which are very difficult to identify without x-ray imaging. Let Us Help If you are in need of dental check-ups in Kamloops, reach out to the dentists at Aberdeen Dental Arts. Let us help you smile better. Call us today to book an appointment!


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