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Tips for Taking Care of Children's Teeth

Taking Care of Children's Teeth

Did you know that the number of kids who need urgent dental care has doubled within the last decade?

With everyone's schedules becoming more hectic, sometimes finding enough time to take care of basic chores like brushing your teeth can feel impossible. If you're a parent, you must diligently teach your children to look after their teeth.

Would you like some tips on caring for children's teeth? Keep reading our guide so you can gather the best dentist-approved advice.

Take Care of Their Oral Health Until They Gain Independence

Until your child is about three or four years old, you'll have to take care of their teeth for them. Please do your best to clean their gums after every feeding and brush their teeth gently twice a day once their teeth start to come in.

You won't need to worry about flossing until their teeth start touching.

Show Them How You Take Care of Your Adult Teeth

Some kids develop a laid-back attitude about caring for their baby teeth if they know they're just going to fall out. The truth is that developing bad habits at a young age often carries on into adulthood since it's hard to break these routines.

This is why brushing your teeth with your kids is a good idea so they can see how well you take care of your own smile.

Let Your Children Pick Out Dental Products

Even if you maintain a positive attitude about oral health, your child could still try to protest these routines. One simple but effective trick that you can use to make brushing their teeth more fun is to let them pick out their own dental products.

Kids will have a blast exploring the different colours of toothbrushes and the exciting flavours of toothpaste.

Keep an Eye on Their Diet

When it comes to lifelong oral wellness, prevention is always better than treatment. One aspect of our lifestyles that hugely impacts our smile is the food we eat. While parents should try to avoid banning foods altogether, teaching kids about mindful eating habits is wise.

There are plenty of foods that you can include in your child's diet that can help protect their teeth.

Book Regular Dental Checkups

From tooth decay to gum disease and beyond, you can avoid all kinds of serious health problems by visiting a dentist regularly. Taking your children at a young age will teach them that dentists are their friends.

During your child's teeth cleaning, they can get personalized advice on improving their habits and get a nice scrub that will make them feel like a million dollars when they smile.

Now You Know How to Take Care of Children's Teeth

Creating healthy habits at a young age is crucial for helping your child achieve their dream smile. If you follow these tips on properly caring for children's teeth, you can be at peace knowing their oral health is in good shape.

Are you looking for an experienced dentist in the Kamloops area? Aberdeen Dental Arts would love to take care of your family. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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