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Types of Teeth Whitening Options

Comparing yellow and whiten teeth

If you had whiter teeth, what would you do more often? Would you smile more or start taking more chances with your newfound confidence? Whitening your teeth is a quick way to boost your self-esteem and get the smile you've always wanted! There are plenty of choices to whiten your teeth. We created a list of the top teeth whitening options available to you at home and a dental office!

Whitening Toothpaste Whitening toothpaste is the go-to option for most people looking for an affordable way to brighten their smiles by a few shades. Rather than using bleach, they remove surface stains with ingredients like peroxide, abrasives, or polishing agents. Teeth whitening toothpaste comes in many different forms with varying results. The price will vary as well - you could make the switch without changing your budget, or you may end up paying close to $30 for stronger options. The major downside of whitening toothpaste, as opposed to other options, is time. They could take several weeks to show results, and they're not a long-lasting solution either. Strips and Kits Another at-home option is teeth whitening kits. When used correctly, they bleach your teeth for noticeable results within ten to fourteen days. It won't last forever, but you should only have to repeat the process twice a year. There are many different types of kits that can fit your specific lifestyle. Some you wear all night while you sleep, while others require short treatments during the day. There are also different ways of applying these at-home kits, like painting the whitening agent on, using trays, or attaching strips. Professional Bleaching Professional bleaching at your dentist's office offers results right away, usually after a single short treatment. The dentists at Aberdeen Dental Arts use a method with whitening gel and a specialized light that only takes 90 minutes. What sets this apart from the other best teeth whitening options is the speed of the results. With a dentist's supervision, you can take advantage of a much stronger whitening agent than at-home kits use. The effects won't be permanent, but you can maintain the brighter colour for much longer than other options as well. Veneers For the stubbornest stains that don't respond to other methods, veneers can save the day! They completely cover your teeth, providing a fresh, white slate. However, It will take several weeks to see the final product, requiring regular upkeep. Dental veneers can help with much more than whitening! This may be the best teeth whitening choice for you if you'd like to correct other issues with your teeth. For instance, they can cover chips and repair gaps without braces. This is the most expensive solution for stained teeth, at over $500 per tooth depending on the type of veneer you get. But, they can improve your overall oral health, and your insurance may be able to help. Learn More About Your Teeth Whitening Options Teeth whitening can enhance your beautiful smile and improve your confidence. There are plenty of ways you can accomplish this goal, each with its own pros and cons. Keep researching to determine the options that are the best for you! If you're ready to show the world a stunning smile, make an appointment at Aberdeen Dental Arts today. From cleaning to whitening to fillings and veneers, we have you covered!


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